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EUNIS participation in SURF Innovation Review

On Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 March 2017, an international review committee assessed the SURF Innovation Program Education with IT (EII).

SURF is the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research. View their website in English here.

The review committee consisted of experts from organisations whose missions relate to the goal of this SURF program. The Scientific Technical Council, SURF’s independent advisory board, provided the chair. During the two days, SURFnet Team Educational Services  presented the program as well as the results obtained and the plans for the next few years.

It was fantastic to see the range and quality of innovation activities that SURF is undertaking.

– Gill Ferrell

The review committee was asked to:

  • assess the plans, in retrospect of the goals, in relation to the national and international context;
  • assess the quality and coherence of the activities, relevance of the milestones, progress and results achieved in the light of the objectives and goals;
  • assess the support and encouragement given to the intended users by the programme activities to utilise the new results and services;
  • propose recommendations for changes in the goals or strategy, based on a prospective view in the light of new or anticipated developments, to ensure SURF gains or retains a leading role in the programme domain for the next two years and beyond;
  • propose any recommendations considered relevant by the committee for the future success of the innovation programme and for the members of SURF.

The findings of the review committee will be presented to the SURF Members’ Council in May and will help shape the future of SURF innovation activities.

EUNIS was delighted to be able to participate in the review. Gill Ferrell said afterwards ‘It was fantastic to see the range and quality of innovation activities that SURF is undertaking. We will certainly be drawing on this body of knowledge in the Learning and Teaching Task Force in future. We have already invited SURF representatives to outline some of these activities in a webinar on digital assessment and a workshop on learning analytics and I know they will also be talking about their work at this year’s EUNIS Congress. It is evident that many of us across Europe have much to learn from the excellent work going on in the Netherlands.’

Review committee

Sarah Davies, MSc

Head of higher education and student experience, Jisc

Joanne Dehoney, Ph.D

Vice President for Strategic Alliances and Planning, EDUCAUSE

Dr Gill Ferrell

Director Aspire Ltd and Chair of the Learning and Teaching Task Force, EUNIS

Drs. Jacco Jasperse, Chair

Manager Department Information and Automation, HZ University, member of the Scientific Technical Council

Drs. Annette Peet, Secretary

Community manager Educational Services, SURFnet