Amue (shared-services agency for universities and other higher education and research Institutions) provides higher education institutions with IT solutions, training and expertise in their various field of activity.
It organizes cooperation among its members and supports their joint action to improve the quality of their management, monitoring and decision making:

+ Development and optimization of co-constructed IT solutions (shared costs)
+ Professionalization and skills development of higher education staff through training
+ Cost reduction through central purchasing
+ Accompanying performance improvement by providing expertise and regulatory watch.

Amue builds a collective approach with the experts of its 180 members, from the definition of the needs to the choice and the development of IT solutions, the construction of the training offer or procurement.

Our head office is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris and our IT construction department is in Montpellier.

CSIESR is a professional association whose main objectives are: contribute to digital development for education, culture, and research; support the services of information and communication techniques and their staff to understand innovations, technological developments, methods and organizations; reinforce the recognition of the strategic role of information systems in institutions and support decision-makers in taking these aspects into account.

The Muséum is a research centre and draws on laboratory work and worldwide expeditions, a wide range of disciplines, outstanding collections and recognised expertise. Its mission is also to share knowledge, which it does through education and dissemination activities. With a clear objective – to make knowledge about the natural world accessible to everyone and to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of protecting our planet.