Future-proofing the European Higher Education Area: fortress Europe or castles in the air?

The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland claimed she sometimes believed ‘six impossible things before breakfast’. These days you can read the news and find that six impossible things already happened before breakfast.

How can those responsible for the digital transformation of higher education put in place the right infrastructure and processes to see us through uncertain times? How do we ensure the right infrastructure for our own institution and the ability to collaborate easily with others?

This is an activity session where you will:

  • find out how to use scenario planning as a management technique
  • find out about models and tools to help us make sense of our digital complexity
  • find out about standards, services and projects that make interoperability and collaboration easier
  • discuss hopes, fears, practical experiences and ideas with your peers

The session will be led by EUNIS SIG co-ordinators.

Who should attend: senior managers, systems architects, managers of IT systems, anyone involved in managing the practical aspects of collaboration with other universities.

Why attend: find out about existing approaches to design and implementation that can make collaboration easier, find out how scenario planning can help improve your digital ecosystem roadmap.

How to book: this workshop is offered free of charge. You do not have to be a registered Congress delegate to attend. Workshops must be booked separately from the main Congress registration using this booking form


Lecture Hall (SUB)


May 31 2022


11:00 am - 1:00 pm