EUNIS24 Congress

Pre conference 3 | InfoSec / Cloud Management | Data breaches crisis management

SIG Information Security and SIG Cloud Management

Topic: “Information Security Management – Six hundred thousand personal identification numbers astray – managing a serious personal data breach.

Duration: half  day / morning
Facilitators: Thorsten Kūfer (FH Münster), Asbjorn Thorsen (Sikt), Øyvind Straume (Sikt)
Format: Hands-on training session

This half-day workshop will focus on handling a concrete (personal) data breach. A breach in personal data security has resulted in six hundred thousand personal identification numbers going astray. We will explore the extent of this security breach, its potential consequences, and most importantly – how such situations should be managed to minimise damage and prevent future breaches. We’ll  play out the breach as an incident response team, and delve into procedures, solutions, media handling, and the laws governing the handling of such serious incidents.

The workshop is based on a real event but seeks to let participants themselves take part in handling a serious personal data breach and discuss their way to a response plan for such a type of breach in personal data security.
This is a hands-on training session.

Expected attendees are IT, Security, DPOs and Cloud managers and expert staff as well as institutional Information and AI strategists.

Detailed programme schedule can be found here: [PDF]


Room 101


Jun 04 2024


10:00 - 13:00