EUNIS24 Congress

Pre conference 4 | InfoSec / Cloud and Security Management | Security challenges and the benefits of AI

SIG Information Security and SIG Cloud Management

Topic: Cloud and security management using AI and AI tools – can we stay in control?

Duration: half  day (afternoon)
Facilitators: Thorsten Kūfer (FH Münster), Asbjorn Thorsen (Sikt), Denise Dittrich (RWTH Aachen University)
Format: sharing cases and discussion

In this half day workshop our focus will be on the effects and challenges that emerging AI developments present to cloud and security managers in the institutions.  What are the threats and risks of moving even further in the cloud?  How to act when security breaches occur, how to respond to a security crisis ? How to adopt AI and even AI security management tools? How can we stay in control, keeping the cloud safe and secure while using the benefits that come within?

We’ll share our experience and will discuss what it means to not have physical location control over our machines, software, data, people, compliance, patching. We’ll address information classification issues, process and risk management, address possible measures and will take a practical look at Microsoft’s cloud security management tool Copilot and others (tbc).

Expected attendees are IT, Security and Cloud managers and expert staff as well as institutional Information and AI strategists.

Detailed programme schedule can be found here: [PDF]


Room 101


Jun 04 2024


14:00 - 17:00