The 2020 Rector’s Conference entitled “Leading the digital transformation success”, is the 7th edition of a series of EUNIS Rector’s Conference started in 2003 in Paris, followed by a 2nd event also in Paris and three subsequent conferences in Prague (2012), Helsinki and Espoo (2014), Krakow (2016) and Porto (2018). This 2020 edition is hosted by the Universidad de Málaga  (Spain) and it main goal is “Discovering the importance of the Rector leading the digital transformation to achieve success”

This conference aims to bring together university rectors with the aim of fostering strategic reflection on the main challenges of digital transformation. In this event many cases of digital transformation will be exposed in different universities around the world and the speakers are experts whose objective will be: to make known to the attendees the foundations of digital transformation; make them understand the importance of the Rector’s leadership; show them the challenges a Rector faces when undertaking the digital transformation of his university; and establish what is the way forward to achieve success, what happens by reviewing and discarding those roads that involve failure in the attempt.

We invite rectors from all over the world to come to this conference and share their experiences at four sessions:

I. Digital transformation: trials, tribulations and successes.


II. Digital Leadership and the involvement of the people.


III. Digital learning, focused on the student.


IV. Open Science, open data, fair principles!