Eunis 2016 Rectors' conference

April 14-16, 2016

European University Information Systems (EUNIS) is the organization with the mission to assist European higher education institutions in developing their IT landscape by sharing experiences and working together.

This Conference entitled: Smart European University is a continuation of the previous ones (Prague, Helsinki) which have attracted many Rectors and decision makers from various Universities. The main goal of the Kraków Conference is to explain in which way IT may help European Universities in the changing landscape, through addressing the main challenges: decreasing number of young people in Europe, hard competition of US and Asian Universities, globalization, rapid development of mobile devices reshaping approach to learning and knowledge acquisition.

  1. Answering the needs of digital natives
  2. Cooperation of universities with high schools
  3. Creating the digital campus to become a winner
  1. Learning from American, Asian, and Australian universities
  2. How do we compete to win in the future?
  3. How do we cooperate?
  4. MOOCs in Europe – is open access the way to go?
  1. Learning analytics improving students retention
  2. Improving quality and speeding up teaching
  3. Sharpening the decision making process and improving decision making culture
  4. Cooperation between universities and IT companies: external/internal out-sourcing, business model (consortia, joint ventures, shared services), active risk management

from the traditional knowledge seeking university towards a business oriented and result driven university. What does it mean for the academics, staff and students? What about research and education quality? To which extend the concept should be implemented?

Tomasz Szmuc – AGH University of Science and Technology (Vice-Rector) – Chairman of the Programme Committee

John Murphy – EUNIS President

Jan Madey – University of Warsaw/EUNIS

Jean-Francois Desnos – EUNIS

Yves Epelboin – EUNIS

Ligia Ribeiro – University of Porto/EUNIS

Ilkka Siissalo – University of Helsinki/EUNIS

Raimund  Vogl – EUNIS

Zbigniew Kąkol – AGH University of Science and Technology (Vice-Rector)

Stanisław Kistryn – Jagiellonian University (Vice-Rector)

Andrzej Mania – Jagiellonian University (Vice-Rector)


Jacek Urbaniec – Jagiellonian University – Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Halina Bojkowska – Jagiellonian University

Anna Hwedyk – AGH University of Science and Technology

Dorota Maciejowska – Jagiellonian University

Anna Pacholak – University of Warsaw

Kamil Wojciechowski – AGH University of Science and Technology

Maciej Zygmunt – AGH University of Science and Technology

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