Eunis 2016 Rectors' conference

Invited speakers

Invited speakers

New students – old universities:
Meeting the needs and satisfying the demands of “digital natives”. Creating the digital campus to become leader in Education provision. Increasing cooperation between universities and high schools.

  • Javier Uceda Antolin
    former Rector of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
    Digital Rethinking of University Education
  • Włodzisław Duch
    Nicolaus Copernicus University, former Deputy Minister in Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education
    What digital world is doing to our brains?
  • James Glapa-Grossklag
    President of the Open Education Consortium
    Open Education: Expanding Access to Education and Supporting Instructional Innovation
  • Krzysztof Zieliński
    AGH University of Science and Technology
    Malopolska Cloud – a platform supporting cooperation between Universities and High Schools

European university – world university:
Learning from “best practices” in American, Asian, and Australian universities. Learning how to compete to win in the future. Identifying ways to cooperate more in the future. MOOCs in Europe – are MOOC’s and open access the way to go?

  • Denis Crowley
    Head of Unit, Analysis and studies, Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission
    Smart Universities – a perspective from the European Commission
  • Dorothy Kelly
    Granada University, Coimbra Group universities
    Internationalization as a driver of innovation at universities
  • Paul Rühl
    Managing Director of the Bavarian Virtual University
    Universities Cooperate Successfully in Online-Teaching. The Bavarian Virtual University Revisited
  • Simon Østergaard
    Danish Technological Institute
    Opening Up Education – turning visions into reality – findings from a European Survey

Smart and data driven vs. traditional decision-making at the university:
Learning analytics and improving student retention. “Speeding up” and improving quality of teaching. Sharpening the decision making process and improving the decision-making culture. Cooperation between universities and IT companies: external/internal outsourcing, new business models (consortia, joint ventures, shared services), active risk management.

  • Esa Hämäläinen
    Director of Administration, University of Helsinki, Chairman of HUMANE
    Public University meeting the challenges of Institutional Autonomy and Financial Crises
  • Jean-Charles Pomerol
    Université Pierre et Marie Curie of Paris (UPMC)
    French Universities in the digital age: success and failures

The “results driven” university:
Shifting from the traditional knowledge seeking university towards a business oriented and result driven university. What does this mean for academics, staff and students? What is the likely impact of this shift on research and education quality? To what extent should the concept of “results driven” be implemented?

  • Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo
    Rector of the University of Porto
    Innovation in a Research-Driven University
  • Diego Pavía
    CEO, KIC InnoEnergy
    KIC InnoEnergy – delivering a platform supporting university-business collaboration
  • Jan Sadlak
    President of the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence
    University Rankings: Reflection or Inspiration of the University Driven University