EUNIS – 2015

Abertay University


Abertay is a modern University, with a long history of educating students dating back to 1888.  With a reputation for developing innovative, exciting courses, Abertay has become well-known internationally in the fields of computer games technology, computer arts, environmental management and biotechnology, and offers a wide range of courses in fields as diverse as psychology, ethical hacking, forensic science, business, civil engineering and sports across its four academic Schools:  Dundee Business School; the School of Arts, Media and Computer Games; the School of Science, Engineering and Technology, and the School of Social and Health Sciences.


Every year, students of over 70 nationalities choose to study at Abertay University.  Its location, facilities, reputation for innovative, employment-relevant courses, and its friendly, supportive environment are just some of the reasons why international students choose to study with the University year after year.


Academic Achievements


As Dundee itself has grown from a city reliant on traditional industry towards a focus on new technologies, so has Abertay University. We are continually evolving to meet the educational needs of our population and the skills requirements of business communities. Abertay is the best modern university in Scotland for research in environmental sciences, law and psychology and launched the world’s first computer games technology degree.


100,000 Lux Centre of Excellence


In 2009, Abertay became the UK’s first ever university Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education, owing to a three million GBP investment from the Scottish Government.  This development recognised and highlighted more than a decade of leading the world in providing advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer games technology, computer arts and related fields.


The Dundee Business School (DBS) at Abertay offers business and management education.  It trains graduates to ensure that they are equipped with the competencies and skills essential to succeed in the business world.  The courses offered by the School provide industry experience to students and enable them to work with successful business professionals.  Its courses include: oil and gas management, finance, management, human resource management, marketing, web design and development, and law.


The School of Arts, Media and Computer Games encourages innovation and enables students to achieve in the fields of computer games and digital media industries.  Its links with major industries strive to fulfil the career aspirations of students.  It offers a wide range of courses, ranging from games programming at the science and technology end, to narrative-based animation at the arts end. The School has active links to over 50 computer games studios who mentor students and offer professional advice on projects.


The School of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) believes that science has the potential to improve everyone’s lives.  SET stands out in environmental science, civil engineering and construction, food and health science and forensic science, amongst others.  It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses.  It is also home to pioneering degrees in ethical hacking and digital forensics as well as computing, computing and networks.




The School of Social and Health Sciences (SHS) offers dynamic programmes that focus on present-day employment needs.  Research students of this School enjoy the tutelage of teachers who are acknowledged experts in their subject areas.  The School offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of psychology, sociology, nursing, counselling and sport and exercise sciences.


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