EUNIS – 2015

Pre-Congress Workshops

EUNIS E-Learning Task Force Workshop

Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland, 9th June 2015, 10.00-16.00

Electronic Management of Assessment and Assessment Analytics


The workshop will explore how technology can be used to enhance assessment and feedback activities and streamline associated administration and how we might make use of assessment data to improve learning.


Across Europe universites are struggling with similar issues of bringing assessment and feedback practice up to date and meeting student and staff expectations:


UK (Jisc 2014)‘We’re becoming increasingly used to dealing with the routine business of our daily lives online – from paying bills to buying groceries – so we might imagine that the days of students trudging to campus to hand in assignments, or trying to decipher a tutor’s scrawled comments are long gone. It seems similarly anachronistic that tutors carry around back-breaking piles of essays to mark by hand, which will then need to be manually entered into IT systems and go through multiple rounds of scrutiny to weed out input errors. Norway (National Task Force 2014)‘The digital “natives” that attend higher education institutions in Norway today study and learn with their laptops/mobiles but when they turn up for their long awaited examination, they are, in their words, brought back to the stone age, and required to reproduce their knowledge with pen and paper. Academics eagerly wait for the students’ papers to arrive in snail mail and spend their time interpreting the illegible hand writing while administrators spend their days counting, copying, double-checking, packing, sending examination papers from student to examiner.’


We will look at some national initiatives exploring the workflows associated with assessment from a range of perspectives including pedagogy, business processes, supporting systems, legal and organisational issues. We will hear from projects offering practical solutions to common problems. There will be an opportunity to talk about current developments with system suppliers. We will investigate how the use of data from assessment processes in various forms of ‘assessment analytics’ might better support learning and teaching practice.


The day will be highly interactive and will offer something of interest whether your role is academic, administrative or related to supporting IT systems. As a participant you will have the opportunity to:


  • Find out about new developments across Europe
  • Share practice and ideas
  • Discuss new developments with relevant system suppliers
  • Take away tools and techniques that can be used in your own context
  • Contribute to some ongoing European projects


Places are limited: to reserve your place fill in the online booking form as soon as possible.


The event is delivered in partnership with:



BI Taskforce – This training workshop has been cancelled 



Interoperability (RS3G) Task Force Workshop 1400 – 1800
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The workshop will focus on offering a practical view of the potential applications of the STORK 2.0 infrastructure, and the benefits derived from the connection of services and attribute providers. The workshop will guide the assistants through the process of connection, offering an insight on the main issues that may be encountered, showing the capabilities of the infrastructure and proving its simplicity by performing live connection of a service to the infrastructure during the workshop.


The workshop will include both technical and administrative aspects of the infrastructure, and will also go through the process required by institutions belonging to MS not directly involved in the project for joining the infrastructure.



+ STORK2.0 Consortium

+ Legal and administrative aspects of the common infrastructure.

+ Considerations on PEPS building

+ Setting up a STORK2.0 enabled service

+ Setting up an Attribute Provider

+ Live demo


If you would like to attend the Interoperability (RS3G) Task Force Workshop please Book here