Think Tank


The Think Tank is a diverse group of experts striving to orchestrate a safe, sovereign, open and flexible European digital ecosystem for education.

We aim to do this by influencing, mobilising and supporting key stakeholders to co-create and innovate.

Our mission is to empower learners and teachers and facilitate world class education and lifelong learning.

Our journey began on October 11th 2022 when a group of people from key stakeholder organisations gathered in Brussels to start a discussion on a European digital ecosystem for education based on public values.

We want to lay the digital foundations for an appropriate learning landscape to benefit all European citizens.

This future landscape should support education, training and lifelong learning as a social right. It should empower learners and teachers thus facilitating world-class education and lifelong learning.

Our aim is to remove barriers that hinder a smooth learning path for students by creating interoperable initiatives and, particularly, to support student mobility and cross-border education.

We aim to convince other experts of the urgency of this goal and inspire them to join us in the process of co-creating and innovating. We will use existing international gatherings to discuss ideas and reports with a wider audience, seeking to engage at open events that attract a wide range of stakeholders.

Join us in our mission to create a better future for learners and teachers by supporting a European digital ecosystem for education based on public values.