Think Tank


Our vision is to deliver a digital education ecosystem that allows every European citizen to benefit from lifelong learning.

We refer to a digital ‘ecosystem’ because there will never be a one-size-fits-all infrastructure. We need a mix of platforms and tools to support different learning scenarios and to evolve as our learning landscape becomes more open and flexible.

The design of this ecosystem therefore needs to ensure that the values giving rise to the European Pillar of Social Rights are enshrined in the public education ecosystem. It requires a set of underpinning design principles to guarantee it will be safe, sovereign, open and flexible.


Call to Action

Our initial call to action to create this trustworthy, interoperable ecosystem was delivered by coordination team member Dr Christien Bok at the 1EdTech European leadership Summit in 2021.

What is interoperability?

There is considerable overlap between our group and the Interoperability Squad of the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH).

The interoperability squad has produced this paper outlining the benefits that interoperability brings to different stakeholders in the education system.

Read the report: EDEH_Interoperability Squad Output