Eunis 2014

EUNIS 2014

Programme – Wednesday


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Brashörnan, Universum


Opening sessions

Aula Nordica, Universum

Welcome to Umeå University: Vice-Chancellor Lena Gustafsson

Aula Nordica, Universum

Rektor Lena Gustafsson


Keynote speaker: Gerry Pennell

From the Olympics to higher education!
Aula Nordica, Universum

Gerry Pennell


Track keynotes


(Almost) Everything about passwords that OWASP won’t teach you

Per Thorsheim

Location: Rotundan

Supporting teaching and learning

Evaluating the benefits of electronic assessment management

Cheryl Reynolds

Location: Aula Nordica


Refreshments – Brashörnan, Universum


Parallel sessions

Supporting teaching and learning

Location: Rotundan

Blowing Backwards into the Future of Higher EducationAnders Norberg and Isa Jahnke,

MOOC 2014: should universities enter the competition? Yves Epelboin

Integrating MOOC into HEI’s strategy: UAB case at Courseram Joaquim Campuzano Puntí and Juan Antonio Martínez Carrascal


CIO and IT-management

Location: N320

One-Stop University Administration: An Information Architecture for Higher Education
Josef Kolbitsch

Enterprise Architecture Program at the University of Helsinki – Tangible Results at a Reasonable Cost
Jussi Koskivaara

Evaluation of Digital AssessmentKurt Gammelgaard Nielsen, Lise Petersen, Birgitta Wallstedt, Poul Basse, Pernille Stenkil Hansen, Søren Steen Hansen and Dorthe Majlund Sørensen

The CIO & EnablementJim Nottingham and Dr Paula Nottingham

Software development

Location: N360

We Publish, You Subscribe — Hubbub as a Natural Habitat for Students and Academic Teachers
Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz

Ladok3 – Atom feed based event handling in a distributed system
Jan Stenberg and Bo Sehlberg

Open APIs in Information Systems for Higher Education
Ricardo Barata, Sergio Silva, Luis Cruz and Luis Guerra E Silva

Using integration platform to enhance students’ study process in FUAS,
Kari Kataja



Brashörnan, Universum

14.00 – 14.40

Track keynotes

Supporting teaching and learning, BI

Transforming the Student Experience: Manchester Metropolitan University’s EQAL Project

Mark Stubbs is the winner of Eunis Elite Award 2014.



Decoding the NSA files

Runa Sandvik

Location: Aula Nordica

14.40 – 15.10

Gold sponsor sessions


2014: a tipping point for cloud in higher education

Werner Felger

Location: Rotundan


Refreshments – Brashörnan, Universum

15.30 – 17.00

Parallel sessions

Supporting teaching and learning

Location: Rotundan

Technology supported assessment and feedback: tackling the issues of pedagogy, process & people
Gill Ferrell and Andrew Stewart

150,000 Digital On-site Exams
Asbjoern Jessen and Lene Hviid

Examinations more Valid, Meaningful and Motivating: The Online Exams Service at ETH ZurichTobias Halbherr, Kai Reuter, Daniel Schneider, Claudia Schlienger and Thomas Piendl

Corporate Showcases

Location: N300


Canvas by Instructure



CIO and IT-management

Location: N320

Things Take Time–Establishing Usability Work in a University ContextÅsa Cajander, Gerolf Nauwerck and Thomas Lind

Optimization of central and decentralized IT service management in universities Harald Gilch

Recommedations for Group ManagementMaria Valtersson and Jan Rundström

Software development

Location: N360

BDD in Ladok3 – a large agile software project – challenges, opportunities and success, Göran Kero and Jenny Svensson

Experiences from scaling agile – how the problems hit you and what you can do about it Lena Djärvh Eriksson

Get to know the context for your agile adoption – The balloon can only be as big as its box
Patrik Jonasson


Welcome reception: Sliperiet

Sliperiet is a maker space for the creative arts.

Civic welcome

Lars Lustig – Vice Govenor of Västerbotten

Umeå2014 – European capital of culture

Albert Edman –  Umeå2014, National programme curator