EUNIS23 Congress

Digital Maturity 2: evolving practice in HE

This session consists of three presentations looking at various aspects of digital transformation and evolving digital practice in universities.


Featured Speakers

Bouke de Jager, University of Groningen:
New Home New Start; Updating the Platform for Evaluating Student Satisfaction at Groningen
The University of Groningen (UG) has used Explorance’s Blue since 2012 to evaluate the student’s satisfaction with their education. Within one questionnaire, the UG uses Blue to evaluate on a programme, course and teacher level. By integrating data from different university systems, the UG can use Blue to produce personalised questionnaires for every student and process the results into customised reports for every part of the university. Over a few months, UG and Explorance negotiated a substantial leap forwards, bypassing an entire version of Blue and moving to cloud-based storage. This presentation outlines the reasoning behind the decision, the hurdles that needed to be overcome and how how this move allowed the UG to have more flexibility in their educational quality assessment workflow, while cutting down on maintenance.

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José Manuel Claver, University of Valencia:
Digital maturity evolution of Spanish universities #49
Higher Education Institutions (HEI) are evolving to a new model of university called digital university. We propose to increase the global digital maturity of a university to become a digital university balancing the efforts in 4 digital maturity areas (management, innovation, governance, and transformation). This is key to the Digital Maturity Model for Universities (md4u) used by Spanish Universities to support the analysis of the digital maturity of more than 60 Spanish universities in UNIVERSITIC 2020 and 2022 surveys. Increasing digital maturity of Spanish universities from 2020 could be because during the COVID-pandemic HEIs have launched a great number of digital initiatives to overcoming the crisis. But at the same time, leaders of HEIs have understood the importance of increase the digital maturity to make their institutions competitive in a digital and fast-changing environment.

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Andrew Taylor, Ready Education:
Reimagining the Student experience
Join the discussion on the importance of the digital student experience and how that impacts student success. Learn how to better engage your students with an enhanced online experience and take away some key initiatives that you can action immediately.  Examples of engaging digital experiences in use at some of our customers will be highlighted.

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Mar 2


Jun 14 2023


11:30 am - 12:45 pm