About Riga Technical University

Dear Friends!

The 19th EUNIS Congress will be held on 12th - 14th of June 2013 in Riga. It is a great honor both to Riga Technical University (RTU), and to the city of Riga and all Latvia, to bring together the most outstanding European universities. EUNIS 2013 congress in Riga will be one of the key of Information Technology events in Latvia and in the Baltics.

It is not a secret that the information technology has an important role in higher education today. And I am not talking only about study process but also the role of information technologies in society, including business, health, sports, culture, social welfare. It is clear that the university is not just factory of young professionals today but also a reliable and productive partner to country and Europe carrying out a significant contribution to the overall economy.

At the same time, dear friends, it is a great responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the EUNIS Community. We shouldn’t stop the development and growth process thus I invite all participants of EUNIS congress to be open, safe and a little bit positively crazy. We should exchange our best ideas and experience, as well as think about international projects and maybe only our nursery children will enjoy the fruits of the projects developed by us today.

I am sure that participants of EUNIS 2013 congress will be able not only to successfully and productively work but also will have a great time and meet many new and reliable friends. We have also prepared exciting social program for to the EUNIS 2013 participants that, for sure, won’t leave you indifferent!




Professor Leonīds Ribickis
Rector of Riga Technical University


Riga Technical University is the first technical university in the Baltic countries – its history dates back to 1862 when Riga Polytechnic was founded.

14 October 2012 marks 150 years since the foundation of Riga Technical University.

Long lasting traditions, advanced teaching methods, new technologies and innovative approach provide the University with the opportunity to ensure research excellence and offer exciting full-time or part-time studies in RTU in Engineering Sciences, Technologies, Natural and Environmental Sciences as well as in Architecture and Engineering Economics.

RTU is accredited, internationally recognized European university that consists of 8 faculties and 35 institutes. It is the second largest university in Latvia by number of students, and it has the greatest number of state funded students.

At the moment there are almost 15 000 students studying here, including:

  • 400 Doctoral degree students

  • 3200 Master degree students

  • 10000 Bachelor degree students

The world is changing and the university has to be prepared to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities offered. RTU is to become one of the leading universities in consolidating the research community in Latvia, Europe and the entire world.


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