1. The Congress Best Paper Award 

The Best Paper Award is a monetary award funded by the Congress. The winner of the award is announced during the closing session by the EUNIS Executive Secretary. The award is organized by the host institution and the winner is selected by a judging panel consisting of 3-5 members.
You can vote for EUNSI 2013 Best paper award using Android phones or iPhone by adding 'stars' to the paper you like the best.


2. The EUNIS Elite Award for Excellence

This award is organized by the EUNIS Executive Secretary who will make a separate call for submissions for the award through the EUNIS website. The award is an honorary award. The winner of awards will have an invited slot in a full session of the Congress. The winning presentation will be put on the EUNIS website together with the previous winners. 

Read more information about the EUNIS Elite Award for Excellence.


3. The EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award

This award is organized by a sub-group of the EUNIS E-learning Task Force led by a person appointed by the Board. Call for submissions for the Dørup E-learning Award is done at the same time as the general call for papers by the Organizing Committee and the E-learning Award group. The winner is selected by the Dørup Award Judging Panel from a shortlist of all submissions for the award. The award is not a monetary award but the winner receives a certificate, a poster and have his/her Congress fee refunded. The fee and expenses associated with the printing of the poster and certificate is sponsored by EUNIS. The winner is  announced during the closing session of the Congress by the EUNIS Executive Secretary. The poster will be printed by the E-learning Task Force.

Read more information about the EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award.


4. EUNIS 2013 Fun Photo Contest

Take  fun photo and post it in Twitter, using hashtag #eunis2013photo. The best way to vote for EUNSI 2013 Fun Photo is using Android phones or iPhone.

10 lucky winners of the contest will receive surprise gifts!