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Dear Friends!

On behalf of the city of Riga, I am pleased that Riga will welcome such an ambitious international conference. This is further proof that the capital of Latvia is a modern city and it is open to new technologies and innovative projects.

Riga has creative and interested users of technology, as shown by both the fact that IT degrees are among the most demanded programmes and that computer training courses are the most common life-long learning programmes for seniors. Our students are high fliers in international informatics Olympiads, and our teachers use and learn the newest technology and "smart boards" to provide creative and contemporary education.

It is my pleasure to wish the organisers and participants successful cooperation with your Riga counterparts and that you find inspiration for new ideas. I wish all of you a happy stay and pleasure in learning about the capital of Latvia - Riga!
See you in the 2014 European Capital of Culture - Riga!

Nil Ushakov
Chairman of the Riga City Council



Riga, the capital of Latvia, was officially founded in 1201. Riga is divided into six administrative districts: Centra, Kurzeme, Ziemeļu, Latgale, Vidzeme and Zemgale districts.

Riga is located along the Baltic Sea at the southern coast of the Gulf of Riga, on the Rigava coastal plain. The historical core of Riga is situated on the right bank of the Daugava River, about 10 kilometers from where the Daugava flows into the Gulf of Riga. The natural terrain of this area is a flat and sandy plain, about 1 to 10 meters above the sea level.

Climate in Riga is influenced by its proximity to the sea; therefore it is moderately warm and humid. Summers are comparatively cool and cloudy (average temperature in July +16.9 C; average precipitation (rainfall) – 85 mm). Winters are comparatively warm with frequent thaws (average temperature in January – 4,7 C, thaw days are about 10 days a month). Snow cover forms in the middle of December and remain through the middle of March. About 40% of the days in a year are cloudy (overcast), average precipitation – 700-720 mm a year.


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