EUNIS23 Congress

Digital ID/EU public services

This session consists of four presentations.

Featured Speakers

Risto Rahu, University of Tartu:
Digital identity, digital signature and secure data exchange in Estonia #42
We provide an overview about nation-wide digital identity, digital signatures and secure data exchange solution in Estonia. All mentioned solutions are used in everyday work at universities and they make a university’s daily management tasks a lot easier.

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Peter Leijnse, SURF:
The need for sectoral ownership to steer developments of the European Digital Identity Wallet for the benefit of education #53
The European Commission and the educational sector are simultaneously working on innovative concepts that involve credentials and wallets. The EU has high ambitions to create a digital identity ecosystem, while educational institutions are exploring ways to use credentials to support flexible and life-long learning. Both initiatives share similar terminology, technology and standards. Common use cases can be defined, but that does not make the initiatives identical from a business and governance perspective.

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Lluís Alfons Ariño Martin, Universitat Rovira I Virgili:
DC4EU – New paradigm for education #10
The new eIDAS regulation contemplates specific obligations in the educational field, while introducing a new element for citizens, the so-called European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI Wallet). In this session we will explain the impacts of eIDAS 2 in education, what is the so-called Arquitecture Reference Framework (ARF), how the EUDI Wallet is being defined, and we will see in detail the large scale pilot that will work and define all aspects of the education sector – the DC4EU project (

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Hermann Strack, Hochschule Harz:
EU CrossBorder and OOT for HEI/Edu Workflows and Infrastructures with Interoperability, Standards and Security #54
Looking at current efforts and strategies for implementing the Once-Only-Principle OOP/OOTS versus former Cross Borde CroB Principles in EU E-Government regulation/projects like SDG/TOOP, we analyze these developments concerning the HEI/EDU integration, also looking at the different states and (central/de-central) structures in some EU Member States as well cross border, where already digital services and standards are used, like EMREX/ELMO and EWP. Against this background, we make proposals for some improvements for interoperability for OOTS and CroB implementations for HEI/EDU with standards and security.

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Plenary Room


Jun 15 2023


2:45 pm - 4:15 pm