Upload your logo

First things first. Don’t forget to upload your company logo in the sponsor portal, so you can be visible on screens as well. (Visibility according to your sponsorship package.) Platinum sponsors must upload a print quality logo (vector or high res bitmap: approx 1200px width). For all other sponsors a bitmap logo of 600px width is satisfactory.

Setting up your booth

Exhibition booths can be set up from 2pm on Tuesday. Questions about booth location, design, or other issues of technical and practical nature can be addressed to
Low table, chairs, electricity and WIFI is included in your stand.

View floorplan with exhibition stands

Renting equipment

Walls, screens, spotlights and other equipment can be rented from our partner:


All packages sent to the conference must be labelled with the following address:

“Sponsor EUNIS 2019”
Høgskoleringen 5
Varemottak 1(DU4)
7036 Trondheim

NOTE: Please inform your carrier that any deliveries to the Natural Science Building have to be received within 2 pm, and only during weekdays.


Packages will be stored in U4 (sub. level 4), and you will need to bring your material to the exhibition area in sub – level 1 yourself. Trolleys will be made available to you if needed. Valuable equipment may be stored in the meeting room of the conference secretariat during the conference, but we would like to remind you that the conference bears no responsibility when storing equipment for sponsors.

Return of equipment

We remind you that you are responsible for the return of any packages as well, so please agree with your carrier when the packages will be picked up again. You are also responsible for waybill etc. and labeling of packages. When the conference is finished, all equipment must be returned to the packaging area in DU4, pending pick-up by your carrier. Valuable equipment can be stored during the duration of the conference.

Please note that we have arranged with our transportation partner «Norsk Bibliotektransport» to be present under the Conference to offer all Sponsors with easy return of equipment, if needed.

Contact information

If you have questions with regards to delivery, please contact the Natural Science building’s staff by phone +47 918 97 378, or contact the conference secretariat directly.

Other questions regarded your exhibition can be directed to: