Sponsor sessions

Platinum sponsor session Wednesday (plenary) 11:50 – 12:35

Location: R1

Blackboard, Helping You to Leverage Innovative Technologies & Services to Solve Your Most Critical Challenges in Education

With over 100 million learners and educators in 90 countries, we’ve learned a thing or two about the education experience. We believe in the power of technology to expand access to education to every student—regardless of geography, stage of life or disability. Hear from Blackboards regional director for Europe, Juan Alagret, as to how we are helping institutions offer their students the optimal education experience.

Juan Alegret, Regional Director, Blackboard

Wed. 11:50 Location: R1

HP logo

HP: VR + Education = unlimited opportunities

The adaptation and use of VR for education purposes are becoming more and more popular, and the possibilities are unlimited. Learn now HP develops the VR technology, and how we develop our solutions to be optimized for education.

Paul Martin, Chief Technologist VR at HP

Wed. 12:05 Location: R1

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Dimensional Insight

Description TBA.

Wed. 12:25 Location: R1


Sponsor session Wednesday (parallels) 13:25 – 12:55

AWS logo

Amazon Web Services: Attract the best students by providing a seamless software experience.

In this session you will get a brief introduction to the AWS services for Education focusing on end user compute services. You will learn how Crayon has developed a state-of-the-art application streaming platform Online Room (COR) powered by AWS and how BI – Norwegian Business School used COR to go 100% cloud, enabling them to gain control of software licensing, provisioning, distribution and compliance requirements. COR enables universities to offer students access to any software, on any device, at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Dan Nygren, Amazon Web Services and Magnus Steenhoff, Crayon

Wed. 13:25 Location: R2

Barco logo

Barco: How & why IESE business school implemented a Virtual Classroom for teaching

IESE Business School, one of the world’s renown international business schools, with campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York and São Paulo has pioneered business education in Europe since its founding. For sixty years, IESE has trained business leaders with solid business skills, a global mindset and a desire to make a positive impact on society. Recently the school installed the first Virtual Classroom in Barcelona, an add-on of weConnect, Barco’s cloud-based SaaS solution to make their remote education sessions even more interactive and engaging. During this session, you will discover how and why IESE Business School has implemented Virtual Classroom and also will they share their learnings with you.
Albert Añaños, Distance Learning Projects Director

Wed. 13:25 Location: R3

explorance logo

Explorance: How to leverage institutional data to enhance course/program evaluations with Blue.

Discover how to gain important insights about the student experience by combining quantitative and qualitative results data with institutional metadata. Blue is an all-in-one feedback system for education institutions and is fully integrated with Blackboard, Canvas etc. Explorance is a Learning Journey Analytics provider that supports organizations in making the right decisions with fact-based feedback data. Through its Blue suite of products – which includes applications for course evaluations, 360 degree feedback, and institutional surveys – Explorance is at the heart of the learning organizations continuous improvement strategies.

John Atherton, Sales Director

Wed. 13:25 Location: R9

HP logo

HP: The state of VR – The past, today, the future

The adaptation and use of VR for education purposes are becoming more and more popular, and the possibilities are unlimited. Learn now HP develops the VR technology, and how we develop our solutions to be optimized for education.

Paul Martin, Chief Technologist VR at HP

Wed. 13:25 Location: R8

Kaltura logo

Kaltura: Using video to address accessibility and lift student engagement.

In this session, Grant Beevers, Senior Digital Learning Specialist at Kaltura, will explore how using video in content delivery can address accessibility requirements through the use of captioning, transcripts and other considered user experience design, and will also explore ways in which users can extend the level of engagement in video experiences through the use of in video quizzing, branching simulations and discussion within video experiences.

Grant Beevers

Wed. 13:25 Location: R5

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Topdesk: Learn how to optimize your service departments to improve the satisfaction of your students and employees.

Wed. 13:25 Location: R7

watermark logo

Watermark: Higher response rates, deeper insights with an integrated course evaluation and survey solution.

Your university is committed to quality assurance and informed decision making, but your current process and tools may make it hard to capture and analyze the data. So ask yourself: Do your faculty and administration have all of the information they need? Or could your institution’s goals be better served by an all-in-one course evaluation and survey system that’s uniquely integrated with your LMS?

In this presentation, we will share why so many institutions have entrusted these critical processes to EvaluationKIT by Watermark, a purpose-built software system that is locally hosted in the EU, fully GDPR compliant, and designed to support multiple languages. You’ll discover key benefits of our solution, including great response rates, streamlined administration, robust reporting, and connections to data including faculty activity information and student learning outcomes.

You’ll also hear real stories from institutions using EvaluationKIT and discover how you, too, can improve the course evaluation and survey process for students, faculty, and administrators, while generating valuable data to demonstrate quality.

Kevin Hoffman

Wed. 13:25 Location: R4


Sponsor sessions

Platinum sponsor session Thursday (plenary) 11:25 – 11:55

Location: R1

Microsoft logo

Microsoft: Multi Cloud Security for 2020

Customers are moving their application to the cloud in an accelerating pace, either consumed full or partly managed from the cloud vendor ( SaaS or IaaS ). Security is a must have, but is a shared responsibility. In this session Check Point Software Technologies will present how to address Multi cloud security for SaaS/PaaS/IaaS and how we complement each other to build a world class solution.

Thu. 11:25 Location: R1

Inspera assessment logo

Inspera: Digital exams, where we are, how we got here and a sneak peek into the future

Digital assessment is in many ways the missing link in the chain of digitisation of higher education. If we are aiming for authentic assessment, the exam situation should equal the conditions of daily life.
The exam format influences the way courses are taught, and if we aspire to improve and change education, the way we measure Learners’ skills, knowledge and qualifications must change In this context, digital assessment is more than paper on screen, as it enables new assessment forms. The vast volumes of data that are produced by the digital assessment workflow present a number of exciting opportunities for Educators and Learners alike. As e-assessment providers, our goal is to deliver high-quality assessments. Tests that are fair and appropriate give Learners a better experience, and ensure that we get valid estimates of their performance. At Inspera, we try to harness the power of data at the three key stages that take place before the delivery of a test: i) item writing; ii) item evaluation; and iii) test construction. In this talk, we will explore the potential of those opportunities, and reflect on its impact on teaching and learning in the digital era.

Truls Bøhm

Thu. 11:40 Location: R1


Sponsor session Thursday (parallels) 12:00 – 12:30

atempo logo

Atempo: Data lakes – how to manage large and growing volumes of unstructured data

Organizations face new storage-related challenges including exponential data growth which requires additional storage and also higher performance.
Unstructured data protection and migration are key elements of any data lake management challenge. Atempo teams will share their expertise, recommendations and use cases on how to successfully manage large volumes of unstructured data.

Wed. 12:00 Location: R4

Blackboard: Effective Professional Development in Digital Teaching Learning

In this session we will introduce the Blackboard Digital Teaching and Learning Series, a professional development programme focused on the pedagogical and technical competencies that academics need to teach in online and blended learning environments. During the session, the participants will have access to one of the courses of the series and we will share the principles that make this programme an effective way to produce innovation on teaching and learning in higher education.

Joel Armando, Program Manager, Digital Teaching and Learning Series, Blackboard

Wed. 12:00 Location: R2

Dimensional Insight logo

Dimensional Insight: Business Intelligence & Analytics at Ghent University.

Case study by Bene Lamote (Business Intelligence Team Lead Ghent University) on how a strong governance and involvement from end users drive a successful Business Intelligence program. Ghent University in Belgium is using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform to get access to timely and reliable information. The institution uses Diver Platform to support policy-making decisions in areas such as quality of education, research and distribution of personnel budgets.

Bene Lamote, Ghent University

Wed. 12:00 Location: R3

Inspera assessment logo

Inspera: What do I know? Technology helping to improve marking experience

Solving 21st-century marking is a big challenge. Transitioning from paper-based examinations to on-screen delivery and marking has numerous benefits that reform the examinations lifecycle, and significantly impact both academic and administrative staff. In this talk, we will discuss the importance of smarter marking in higher education, and its role in meaningful assessment. We will share relevant experiences from our partner educational institutions, and our thoughts on the state-of-the-art digital solutions. How can we make the marking component of assessment more effective and efficient utilising EdTech?

Lisa Long

Wed. 12:00 Location: R9

Microsoft logo

Microsoft: Artificial Campus and democratization of cloud services

It is easier than ever to access services from the cloud that previously was reserved for special groups or institutions. High performance computing is cheaper and accessible for any student, lecturer, researcher and faculty member with great ease.
In this session Microsoft will present Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services that are easy to implement in making a campus smarter and more streamlined for students, lecturers, researchers and staff. We will also present the possibility to have this footprint located in the selected european datacenter you want.

Wed. 12:00 Location: R5


ORACLE: How Oracle supports Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Wed. 12:00 Location: R8