NTNU tour 1: Interactive Learning Spaces at Campus Gløshaugen

Thursday 6 June, 16:00
Meeting point: Next to EXPO theatre (across the hall from R1)
Tour 1
This tour involves three of NTNU’s Interactive Learning Spaces here at Campus Gløshaugen: Smia, Koopen and Rill&Rall.

Through this tour you will get to know teachers who have been involved in creating these spaces and use them actively in their teaching practice.

Enjoy learning more about their amazing experiences!


NTNU tour 2: VR medical lab

Thursday 6 June, 16:00
Meeting point: Next to EXPO theatre (across the hall from R1)
Tour 2
The NTNU VR Lab at Campus Øya is used for collaboration training in medical education. This initiative and infrastructure are unique in a Norwegian and international context, and NTNU is among the first universities in the world to have infrastructure to use VR systematically for teaching locally and remotely.

The VR lab is open 24/7 and gives the students an opportunity to practice interaction in clinical situations. It can also be used to learn anatomy, as the students can actual see how different organs and structures looks inside the body.

This tour provides an orientation on the NTNU VR Lab and current research project, as well as testing of the proprietary VR app for self-training in systematic clinical observation.


NTNU tour 3: Various learning spaces at Campus Dragvoll

Thursday 6 June, 16:00
Meeting point: Bus outside the main entrance (take stairs outside R1)
Tour 3

During this tour, you will be presented and acquainted with several learning spaces at Campus Dragvoll, including a media lab, a VR Lab and Interactive Learning Spaces.

The focus of this tour will be on how these spaces are used and the thoughts behind a quite different and more interactive teaching practice, and finally; how these spaces can contribute to the development of teaching practices in higher education.


NTNU tour 4: Norwegian Open AI Lab

Thursday 6 June, 16:00
Meeting point: Next to EXPO theatre (across the hall from R1)
Tour 4

The Norwegian Open Artificial Intelligence Lab is a research centre that brings together various research efforts within AI.

The objectives of the AI Lab are to enable both basic and applied interdisciplinary research at high international level and foster strong partnerships between academia and the private sector. The AI Lab provide infrastructure and a framework for close cooperation with corporate and industrial partners and wish to contribute to strengthen sectors in which Norway seeks to secure a leading position. For this reason, the following key areas have been selected for research: health, energy, ocean space, digital economy, and smart environments.

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NTNU tour 5: NTNU Exams Factory

Thursday 6 June, 16:00
Meeting point: Next to EXPO theatre (across the hall from R1)

Guided tour to the NTNU Exams Factory.

Digital exams are central to NTNU’s strategy for the Campus for the Future. Having conducted digital exams since 2016, NTNU in 2018 opened a state-of-the-art digital Exams Factory, in the old Trondheim Post Terminal. The Exam Factory hosts 2800 students per day, taking their exams in the assessment software Inspera Assessment either on their own devices or on NTNU equipment. The digital exam facility is built for all students, including those with special needs. In 2018 the exam facility witnessed 85 000 digital submissions, aiming for 125 000 submissions in 2019.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see a high stakes, digital examination at scale in progress. Please note the number of tickets is limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.