View presentations from EUNIS19 – “Campus for the Future”:

Campus for the future

Developing the campus of the future: a game of snakes and ladders
Gill Ferrell, EUNIS & Eleanor Magennis, University of Glasgow



Evolution of University Learning Facilities on Campus
Lars Kruse & Jesper Engbo Larnæs, Technical University of Denmark – DTU


Platinum sponsor talks

Blackboard: The “Campus for theFuture”, TODAY!
Juan R. Alegret, RVP Europe/Blackboard
Dimensional Insight: Measuring hit rate for research funding
Jens Rundquist, Infotool Sweden/Partner of Dimensional Insight


IT leaders forum

IT leaders forum
Sigurd Eriksson
IT leaders forum
Outi Tasala


Parallel sessions

P1: Leadership & management

Proposal for a digital maturity model for universities (MD4U)
Faraón Llorens-Largo, Rafael Molina-Carmona & Antonio Fernández-Martínez


P2: Learning, teaching & student experience

Digital university: student perspective
Anna Pacholak, Universytet Warszawski


P3: Software developement/Learning, Teaching & Student Experience

Learning object repositories for novel, efficient knowledge creation and sharing
Arnt Richard Rørvik, Per Atle Eliassen, Jan Erik Garshol, Trude Eikebrokk, Gry Ane Vikanes Lavik
Uniform Gateway to Hybrid Virtual Learning Environment
Uldis Donins & Zigmunds Zitmanis, Riga StradinsUniversity
Subtitling Video Lectures Using Miro Translate
Laura Cacheiro Quintas, Samuel Calegary


P4: ICT Infrastructure & Security

Managing the cloud – The role of University‘s central IT
Denise Dittrich & Thomas Eifert, RWTH Aachen University, IT Center
HPC on the Cloud – A Norwegian Perspective
Nico Reissmann, Einar Næss Jensen & Jan Christian Meyer, NTNU


P5: ICT in Research

Research Data Management integrated in a Research Information System (CRIS)
Ed Simons, Project Leader CRIS at Radboud University & President of euroCRIS Mijke Jetten,Head of Research Information Services, University Library.


P6: OpenX & Interoperability

Erasmus Without Paper Network from development to production
Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz – University of Warsaw
Driving open standards in Europe
Nynke de Boer, IMS Global Learning Consortium


P7: Leadership & management / Learning, Teaching & Student Experience

Appsanywhere in Thomas More
Dieter De Gendt, Thomas More


P8: ICT Infrastructure & Security

Blueprint for an Open Source On-Premise Cloud to Serve as a Research Data Infrastructure for Universities
Raimund Vogl, J. Hölters, M. Blank-Burian, M. Ketteler-Eising, D. Rudolph, H. Angenent, C. Schild & S. Ost, IT Center, University of Münster


P9: ICT Infrastructure & Security / Leadership & management

Implementing an opensource Higher Education and Research ERP at the scale of a country or State.
Jean Marc Coris, CEO Cocktail Office & Stuart McLellan, GIP RENATER


P10: Leadership & management

Welcome Aboard! Supporting the Process of Integrating New Staff with Onboarding Tools
Dominik Rudolph, Christopher Burgholz & Raimund Vogl, University ofMünster, Germany


P11: Learning, Teaching & Student Experience

Why digital badges matter? (SRCE experience)
Sandra Kucina Softic,TamaraBirkic, Sabina Rako, Irena Jandric & Tona Radobolja, University of Zagreb University Computing Centre-SRCE


P12: Software development

No presentations available


P13: Learning, Teaching & Student Experience

A case study in learning spaces for physical virtual two campus interaction
Robin Støckert
Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Anna Xambó Sedó & Øyvind Brandtsegg, NTNU


P14: Learning, Teaching & Student Experience

Cheating Detection: Identifying Fraud in Digital Exams
Bastian Küppers, Julia Opgen-Rhein, Thomas Eifert & Ulrik Schroeder
Categorizing open response feedback with machine learning
Ville Kivimäki, Thomas Bergström, Jiri Lallimo & Alex Jung
Conduction of Exams: Analogous vs. Digital
Bastian Küppers, Thomas Eifert & Ulrik Schroeder


P15: Leadership & management

Towards a lean assessment model for evaluating the maturity level of BI&A initiatives on Higher Education
Elsa Cardoso, ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon & Xiaomeng Su, NTNU


P16: ICT in Research

No presentations available


P17: Leadership & management / ICT Infrastructure & Security

Governance of information security in the HE sector in Norway
Agnethe Sidselrud & Rolf Sture Normann, UNIT
New requirements for incident handling
Rune Sydskjør, Uninett CERT


P18: ICT Infrastructure & Security

eIDAS eID & eSignature for HEI/EDU Applications
Hermann Strack, Guido Bacharach


P19: Student Card Services

No presentations available


P20: Leadership & management / ICT Infrastructure & Security


P21: Leadership & management / Learning, Teaching & Student Experience

Project Digital Business Travel Management
Christoph Arndt, Freie Universität Berlin
Atomi – Automated Student Affairs Office Service for Digital Certificates and Signatures


P22: Software development

ELK Stack
Jordi Cuní, Estefania Muñoz
RAD-on: An integrated System of Services for Science – Online Elections for the Council of Scientific Excellence in Poland
Jarosław Protasiewicz, Sylwia Rosiak, Iwona Kucharska, Emil Podwysocki, Marta Niemczyk, Łukasz Błaszczyk & Marek Michajłowicz, The National Information Processing Institute, Warsaw, Poland