We are streaming live video from some of the main events of the EUNIS 2019 Congress “Campus for the Future”.

Livestreams 5 June

Opening session

09:15 Welcome

09:45 Keynote Alexandra den Heijer “Campus of the Future”

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11:50 Blackboard, Helping You to Leverage Innovative Technologies
& Services to Solve Your Most Critical Challenges in Education

12:05 HP: VR + Education = unlimited opportunities

12:20 Dimensional Insight

Keynote session

14:00 Keynote John O’Brien “The State of Digital Ethics in 2019: Excitement, Caution, and Hope”

Livestreams 6 June

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11:25 Microsoft: Multi Cloud Security for 2020

11:40 Inspera: Digital exams, where we are, how we got here and a sneak peek into the future

Keynote session

15:00 Keynote Paul Feldman “Education 4.0 – looking to transform teaching for 2030 and beyond”