All session chairs are asked to go to the room where their session is taking place at least 15 minutes before the session starts. When you get to the room, locate the speakers to make sure that everyone are present. Also make sure that all presentations have been uploaded.

If there are missing speakers, do not change the timings for the presentations, even if the missing speaker is in the beginning or the middle of the session. People move around between sessions and we therefore stick to the published schedule as far as possible. Instead, there should be a break in the session, even if this may feel awkward!

During the session, we expect you to do the following:

  • Introduce each speaker with name and title of the paper.
  • Keep the time strictly. Let the speakers know when they are beginning to run out of time and if necessary stop the presentation if the time is exceeded. This is out of courtesy to the other speakers in the session as well as the audience.
  • Guide the discussion, again making sure that the schedule is adhered to. Lengthy discussions should be stopped with a suggestion that it can be continued in the following break.
  • If there are speakers who do not show up, inform the secretariat after the session is completed.