All presenters are asked to come to the room where their session is taking place at least 15 minutes before the session starts.

When you get to the session room, locate the session chair and introduce yourself. You can then provide some brief info about yourself that the session chair can use when introducing you, e.g. how to pronounce the name, your institution and your position (especially if there are changes).

In the session room, you also need to upload the presentation to the session room computer. Presentations must be brought on a USB memory stick for upload. Technical assistants will be available to help you with uploading if necessary.  The presentation should also be quickly tested to make sure that everything works before the session starts. All presentations must be in English and should be free of commercialism.

If you have specific requirements, such as sound or videos, we strongly recommend that you test this on the session room computer in advance of the session (during an earlier break) to avoid last minute technical problems.

The allocated time for each presentation, including questions, is 20 minutes. As a courtesy to the rest of the presenters in the session, we expect all presenters to stick to this time limit. It is important to have some time at the end for questions, so make sure that you allow for this when you prepare your presentation. The session chair will manage the session and is responsible for keeping speakers on track. Do not feel upset if the session chair stops you if you exceed your time slot.

The conference computers will all be running Powerpoint. All presentations must therefore be able to run on this software, alternatively you can also present in pdf-format. If your presentation is developed using other software (e.g. on a Mac), make sure that you test the presentation and that it works well, also when using Powerpoint.

Please set up your presentation in 16:9 format.