About EUNIS Best Paper Award

The EUNIS Best Paper is selected from the full papers submitted for the annual Congress. The judging panel is made up of members of the EUNIS scientific committee.

Judging CriteriaExplanation
Innovation/ImaginationAn implementation of the project must have taken place and the ways in which it is innovative and different should be described. Imagination can include creative solutions to common problems or long term vision.
BenefitsThe project must show evidence of demonstrable benefits to the target community. Types of evidence to show benefits achieved might include: case studies; institutional performance indicators; internal and external evaluations; student feedback and focus groups; system logs or other statistics and anecdotal evidence from both students and staff.
TechnologyThe technology/ies used can be proprietary, open source, cloud or self-developed, but the choice of technology must be explained and show how this technology gives added value in this context.
Presentation styleThe paper should be interesting and readable with a well presented argument properly referenced.

Rules for submission

The submitter must register to attend the EUNIS annual Congress and be prepared to present their work if requested to do so.

Submission procedure

A full paper submission for EUNIS Congress (within the call for papers) is requested. Details of the submission deadlines are published on the web pages for each year’s annual congress.


The winner(s) will receive a certificate and their work will be published by EUNIS. In addition, they may be invited to present at Congress.

Award Winners