Learning & Teaching

EUNIS Learning & Teaching Special Interest Group members are interested in supporting all aspects of learning & teaching through technology. The group runs various projects and activities including an annual workshop and managing the EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award.

Think Tank

The Think Tank on the Digital Ecosystem for Education aims to empower learners and teachers and facilitate world class education and lifelong learning.

Student Mobility

Student Mobility is a self-established group of IT implementers and stakeholders which contributes to the definition and adoption of standards and procedures for the digital exchange of information to facilitate mobility and lifelong learning in the European Higher Education area and beyond

Benchmarking (BencHEIT)

BencHEIT is a EUNIS Task Force and an annually repeating study where participating universities collect key figures of their IT operations to be able to position themselves, to recognise best practises and to see if their IT is as effective – or better – than elsewhere.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a Special Interest Group of EUNIS focused on the application of Business Intelligence (BI) in European Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

Enterprise Architecture

The main role of the Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group is to display the EA work done within the sector, harmonize used terminology, be enabler for producing descriptions that can be used for mapping thus showcasing a European wide set of HEI services in a unified form.

Information Security

The EUNIS Information Security (InfoSec) group focuses on the current challenges of the information security field. It aims to share knowledge about information security development and compliance, as well as solutions to support the implementation of the GDPR from the information security point of view.

Mobility & Digital Credentials

Citizens now more than ever are demanding the convenience and speed of digital services without compromising the security of their private data. The process of issuing and verifying diplomas is one of the core workflows in universities operations, hence there have been numerous initiatives from different institutions across Europe that are exploring the digitization of this process.

Cloud Management

The Cloud Management Community Group is focused on the common challenges HEI meet by introducing and managing cloud usage.


The AR/VR Special Interest Grou is dedicated to sharing on the potential uses of virtual reality and augmented reality in Higher Education.