About the EUNIS Award for Best Overall AV enabled learning space

The EUNIS Award for Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space recognizes innovative use of audiovisual technology that results in positive results in registered higher education learning facilities, whether in classrooms for students and/or instructors or campus-wide. It celebrates great design where AV is an integral component of enabling education to take place in a given space or campus.

Judging criteria

Judging CriteriaExplanation
PedagogyDoes it demonstrate clear educational objectives and say how the AV-enhanced learning activities are aligned with, or connected to, other learning activities?
AV technologyDoes it explain the choice of AV technology and say how this technology gives added value to the learning and teaching that takes place in the space?
InnovationDoes it explain how the design is innovative and different from other learning spaces of this type?
BenefitsDoes it include evidence of the benefits?

Rules for submission

This is an international award open to higher education projects worldwide.

The project should have taken place in the two years prior to the submission deadline.

Both new build and re-fit are eligible, if the AV is included in the complete ideation of the space. Spaces must take into consideration the intended use or uses of the space.

We will select up to 3 winners per year. Entries should fit into the following categories:

  • AV enabled multifunction education space
  • AV enabled classroom space
  • AV enabled lab or maker educational space
  • Non-classroom space (could include campus-wide AV uses, student centers, or other spaces where AV is enabling a learning atmosphere)

One of the winners will be nominated the Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space.

Submission procedure

The submission period will be the same as for the annual Congress. This award however has a separate submission website to allow photographs and videos to be uploaded in support of the entry.

The submission website can be found here: https://eunis-award.org/


Winner(s) will receive a certificate and a refund of their Congress fee and travel expenses if invited to present at the Congress. The winner(s) may also be featured in other publicity and/or events.

As an added benefit, ALL applicants for the EUNIS best AV enabled education space will also be entered into AVIXA’s global AV experience awards (AVXA) program. The criteria for these awards differ from our own and the judging is done by Avixa.

Award winners


EUNIS Award for Best AV enabled learning space went to Siem Buseyne and Hyacinthe Lesecq from University of Lille, France, for the paper The Lille Learning Lab: a living lab for education, training and research.



  • Hybrid Learning Theatre (Abstract), by Maud Pols, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • CUBE35: AV-supercharged educational space (Abstract), by Aukje Leufkens, Chiara Baldo, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • The Collaboration Learning Theater (Abstract), by Julie Johnston, University of Indiana, US


  • Winner AV enabled classroom space: KU Leuven – Hybrid classroom
  • Winner AV enabled lab or maker educational space: Indiana University – Idea Garden
  • Winner AV enabled multifunction educational space: Amsterdam UMC – Multi-functional active learning space

Overall Winner of the EUNIS Award for Best Overall AV-enabled Education Space: KU Leuven for the Hybrid classroom.