Enterprise Architecture Special Interest Group

The Higher Education Institutions have a need to describe their services in relation to processes, application services and capabilities. This approach specifically provides benefits for project initiatives that create or design service concepts and eases the description in a unified way of the produced service itself.

Proficient EA actors within the HEI can provide practical examples to lower the entry for newcomers and minder the work burden associated with documenting the Service landscape. In return, it will give proof of concept and qualitatively improve the terminology used.

The main role of the EA Special Interest Group will be to display the EA work done within the sector, harmonize used terminology, be enabler for producing descriptions that can be used for mapping thus showcasing a European wide set of HEI services in a unified form (incl. vocabulary and notation). We encourage our members to build contact relationships within national stakeholders.

Currently EA SIG has three main themes: “Capabilities”, “Interoperability” and “EDU-API”. Monthly meetings are hosted in regular online fashion and attended by more than 10 organizations sharing great insight to what architects are involved today. There are major changes ongoing in both system development and organizational structures. Legislation is pushing digitalization to a more centralized data sharing model, forcing strong focus on information architecture and data models. Sharing information about both failure and success are the key!

Main focus

  • Regular monthly online meetings “EUNIS EA SIG Meeting” every first Friday
  • Work on the language translations of the Capability model and actively promote the pragmatic use cases it can be applied to
  • ​Deepen the cooperation with UCISA, CAUDIT, IMS Global and ITANA in 2 online Follow-up -meetings per group
  • EIF & EIRA  work to be continued, but pending on EU Commission intentions to fund and support the education sector modelling​

Upcoming sessions:

Read more and register here

Recent seminars/workshops:

  • EA EUNIS23 pre-Congress meetings on 13 June 2023 at the U. of Vigo, Spain. Read more here.
  • 9-10 March 2023, CSUC, Barcelona, Spain, workshop on HERM Capability model. Read the outputs here.
  • 27-28 April 2022, Tampere Univ., Finland: EUNIS BI and EA SIGs seminar on on Modeling for strategic decision making: explore how to combine enterprise architecture (EA) and business intelligence (BI) to improve strategic decision making in higher education institutions (HEI). Read more here.


The UCISA Capability Model is currently evaluated in many countries and multiple Universities. EA SIG supports that work by providing PowerBI Model which supports publishing national language versions of the Capability map.

We are also continuing the discussion on how to support development initiated by UCICA and CAUDIT to harmonize the models.


IMS European group has finished it’s work with the first specification set.


The work is currently pending as we do not have an active group following up this activity.

EA SIG monthly meetings

Best way to stay in tune with these themes is to participate in our monthly meetings (every month first Friday between September and May). We also continue organizing other workshops and do our best to regularly send out a newsletter to our member list.

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Patrik Maltusch and Esa Suominen

Chairman and Secretary of the EUNIS EA SIG