The EUNIS 2016 Rectors’ Conference  is a follow-on from the previous successful conferences held in Paris (2003, 2006), Prague (2012) and Helsinki (2014). These conferences attracted many rectors and decision makers from various universities. The topic of this Conference is Smart European University and the programme is created to outline in which way Digital and Information Technologies (IT) may help European Universities in the ever changing and more challenging landscape. The Conference will provide certain innovative solutions to address some of the main challenges currently faced by European Universities. In particular, the following topics will be considered:

  • Decreasing population of young people in Europe
  • Competition of US and Asian Universities
  • Increased competition from private sector
  • Globalization
  • Rapid development of mobile devices reshaping approach to learning and knowledge acquisition
  • Digitalisation.

The EUNIS 2016 Rectors’ Conference organisers look forward to your Rector attendance and to discussing the following topics with your peers, conference speakers and experts.

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Please forward this invitation to your Rector in order to participate in these discussions on what every Rector should know in a time of rapid changes in technology and an increasing role of IT/Digital in shaping university activities.

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We look forward to meeting your Rector in Kraków in April 2016,

EUNIS 2016 Rectors’ Conference Organizing Committee