BencHEIT is a survey on IT costs and volumes of higher education institutions. It’s participation is  voluntary and free of charge. It is invented, developed and managed by CIOs (within EUNIS community).

The BM-survey will assist you to understand the institution’s IT cost structure in three dimensions by:

  • organizational group: centralized IT, other centralized units (e.g. library, finance) and substance units like faculties and research centers
  • services: e.g. networking, teaching, audio visual
  • accounts.

As the next round of benchmarking is about to start, we would like to invite you to the launch session on Monday, 22nd of January, at 2 pm UTC/GMT (calculate the time in your country).

At the webinar we will:

  1. introduce you to the working space (called Eduuni)
  2. look at the BM2017 survey Excel and how to use it
  3. answer any questions you may have regarding the tools or the process, or interpretation of questions.

Emphasis of the meeting is on the discussion rather than on our presentations! The session will be a video meeting over Skype. (The session is recorded, so it can also be watched later on

Join the launch session here.

If you haven´t registered for the next round yet, please do so here and fill in your organisation´s info. If you have any comments or questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us on: