The registration for the EUNIS 2018 Congress will open soon but you can already save the date of 5th of June for the pre-Congress workshops and seminars:

  • Designing learning experiences in a digital age

Technology enhanced learning no longer means making text-based resources available in digital format. Our challenge in the digital age is to design experiences that enhance learning. We want to achieve student-centered active learning. This involves pedagogic design skills and consideration of the physical learning space. We have the means to ensure our designs are informed by analytics about learners and the curriculum if we have the wisdom to make good use of the data.

Hear from experts in the field and participate in a hands-on workshop using a tried and tested approach to effective, data-informed learning design.

Timing: Tuesday 5th June 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Centre de conférences de Sorbonne Université, campus Jussieu

  • Ready for the digital age

More and more each day, students are demanding for processes that can be carried out online and can provide them with the ability to obtain information almost immediately. In this scenario, the need to digitize processes is important to allow administrative tasks to be done more efficiently and to facilitate the exchange of information autonomously without the need to take into account academic calendars or time zones. In this aspect, different initiatives have been put into practice and are currently functioning allowing higher education institutions to offer higher quality services to their students, in addition to being aligned with the needs of those who are digital natives.

The objective of the workshop is to present the projects focused on the exchange of data within the framework of student mobility, and to know first-hand the future of these projects, as well as to share experiences and opinions.

Timing: Tuesday 5th June 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Centre de conférences de Sorbonne Université, campus Jussieu

  • European Student Card Project – joint conference

The Final conference of the European Student Card project is a part of the implementation of the Strategic Partnership, co-funded by the European Union, as a dissemination conference.

The conference will focus on disseminating the results of the Strategic partnership project and the perspectives of generalization of the European Student card, as well as the development of services linked to the card.

As a part of the meeting the EUNIS Student Card Task Force and the European Student Card Team organise the workshops on:

  • Presentation of the results of the pilot project
  • Experiences and challenges of the implementation in different campuses (EUCOR – the European campus, Campus Card Berlin,
  • The usage of the ESC: results of the different working groups: payment systems, libraries, Erasmus mobility, and partnership with Erasmus without paper project, student records from Emrex project, etc…
  • Perspectives of generalization in Europe and development of services

Timing: Tuesday 5th June

More information soon.

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