EUNIS at the ET2020 working group on Digital Skills and Competences meeting

The goal of the Working Group is to look at the development of digital skills and competences at all levels and stages of learning. How can education  and training address the growing need for digital skills? How can learners and teachers benefit from ICT developments? The group shares experience, evidence, analysis and policy options.

EUNIS representative has been selected among the experts to advise on the digital skills and ICT.

Themes that the group work on include:

  • Digital skills gaps and the link to education planning and curriculum planning.
  • Teacher training for digital education.
  • The role of management and leadership in promoting modernisation of education.
  • Quality assurance, validation and accreditation of digitally-acquired skills.
  • Quality of digital and online educational material.
  • Policy level issues and initiatives.
  • The role of computational thinking/skills and coding.
  • Learning Analytics and data in education.

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