The EUNIS 2020 online General Assembly will be held on 17th of June (Wednesday) 2020 in Zoom after the EUNIS20 online Congress in “Virtual Helsinki”.

This forum is where all the decisions related to the EUNIS’ structure and organisation are made and updates from the EUNIS Special Interest Groups and the Board are presented. The General Assembly has two other very important duties: the election of EUNIS member representatives to the EUNIS Board and the approval of the EUNIS budget that will be presented by the Treasurer.

In June 2020 the service of five Board Members will come to the end:

  •     Mr. Yiannis Salmatzidis, U. of Thessaloniki, Greece (Treasurer) – applies for re-election
  •     Ms. Nina Reignier-Tayar, U. of Grenoble Alpes, France (Board member) – applies for re-election
  •     Mr. Ramon Grau Sala, SIGMA, Spain (Board member) – end of term
  •     Ms. Ligia Ribeiro, U. of Porto, Portugal (Board member) – end of term

Mr. Salmatzidis and Ms. Reignier-Tayar are candidates to their re-election. The biographies of all current Board members can be found on the EUNIS website.

A new candidate to the EUNIS Board is:

All EUNIS Members are entitled to take part in the meeting. The representatives of European Higher Education and Research institutions (regular members) having paid their annual fee are entitled to take part in the voting and elections to the Board.

We would greatly appreciate your attendance and feedback.