Registration for the benchmarking survey BM2020 on IT costs and volumes of Higher Education institutions is open till 27 April, so there is still time to join!

60 Higher Education institutions from 16 countries have already registered for this round of EUNIS BencHEIT Task Force survey. We hope you’ll also find time to be the part of the survey. Your input is valuable and we hope that everyone finds interesting peers for their own comparisons and use. This is also the first time we try to collect data on how the pandemic influenced on the IT costs, thus we are looking forward to an interesting analysis!

If you didn´t have a chance to attend the launch meeting and need some help to start, feel free to send us a message and we can book a private session to discuss with you:

You can join this year´s round of BM200 survey on IT costs and volumes of Higher Education institutions by filling in your organisation´s info in this registration form.

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