It is always a great pleasure to recognise and honour excellence via the EUNIS awards. This year was no exception and we had some outstanding winners!

  • Elite Award for the best practice of the use of information systems in HE went to: Anna Åhnberg and Mattias Sällström from the the LADOK Consortium for the paper A collaboration between 40+ government agencies to drive development and efficiency in higher education in Sweden.
  • Best Paper Award was grated to the team from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece: Georgios Roussos, Dimos Charidimou and Angeliki Agorogianni for the paper Using SaaS in a European University – Protect your privacy and enjoy!
  • EUNIS Dørup Award went to Juan Antonio Martínez-Carrascal and Joaquim
    Campuzano Puntí from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain for the paper Designing Learning Spaces in the Digital Era: new approaches for new ways of learning and to Felix Ziemann, Duy Nguyen, Franziska Blum, Ulrike Lucke from University of Potsdam and G.A.S.T. , Germany, for the paper Personalized Recommendations for Individual Learning Pathways: supporting Ukrainian refugee students in continuing university education.
  • EUNIS Award for Best AV enabled learning space went to Siem Buseyne and Hyacinthe Lesecq from University of Lille, France, for the paper The Lille Learning Lab: a living lab for education, training and research.

Congratulations to all the winners!