It is always a great pleasure to recognise and honour excellence via the EUNIS awards. This year was no exception and we had some outstanding winners!

Elite Award for the best practice of the use of information systems in HE went to:

  • Main Elite Award: Marius Politze, Benedikt Heinrichs, Sirieam Hunke, Ilona Lang and Thomas Eifert from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, for FAIR Digital Objects: FAIRtilizer for the Digital Harvest (link to the session and abstract).
  • Lasting Achievement: Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, University of Warsaw, Poland, for Success story – 25 years of digitalization of higher education institutions in Poland (link to the session and abstract).
  • Honourable mention: Giorgios Roussos, Dimos Charidimou, Anastasios Petalotis and Angeliki Agorogianni from Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece, for Building a Sustainable, Energy-Efficient, and Secure European University using LoRaWAN: Protect your Digital Ecosystem and Enjoy! (link to the session and abstract).
  • Honourable mention: Emil Podwysocki, Maria Bylina, Jacek Raczko, Michał Ulaniuk, Marek Michajłowicz and Rafał Jendrzejewski from the National Information Processing Institute, Poland, for Ludzie Nauki: Data aspects of the Polish national CRIS  (link to the session and abstract).

Best Paper Award was granted to the team from CSC – IT Center for Science, Finland and CLARIN ERIC, the Netherlands: Joonas Kesäniemi, Tommi Suominen, Daan Broeder and Hanna-Mari Puuska for the paper Implementing interoperability – Metadata Schema and Crosswalk Registry approach to FAIR metadata mappings (link to the session and abstract).

EUNIS Award for Best AV enabled group educational space (supported by AVIXA) was handed to Susana Reboreda Morillo from University of Vigo, Spain for Exploring uses for metaverse technologies in Higher Education (link to the session and abstract).

EUNIS Award for Best AV enabled learning space (supported by AVIXA) went to Jorick Vos & Loek van der Linde from HZ – University of Applied Sciences and Nicolas Vanden Avenne from Ocular for the paper JRCZ Data Science Lab (link to the session and abstract).

Congratulations to all the winners!