About the BencHEIT project

BencHEIT is a European level voluntary study on a non-commercial basis. Its aim is to establish a comprehensive knowledge of how cost efficiently IT works in European universities, and universities of applied sciences! It is the first serious European level effort to create a survey which would be meaningful and useful in the European higher education context. BencHEIT works on the basis of voluntary work and total openness – every participating university or higher education institute can see all the data of all other participants, but commercial use of the data is prohibited.

Started as a country-wide Finnish initiative supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Bencheit now aims to expand on a Pan-European level. The number of participants have increased every year since we started the project in 2012. Last year we had 49 participants, from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Greece and Slovenia.

 Join the survey now

Everyone is welcome to participate in the fifth round of BencHEIT which has already started. The survey is completely free of charge. All you need to do is sign in to Eduuni, the collaboration platform we use, and you are all set. The survey form is in Excel, and you have to finish the data collection until 19th of April 2016. For a first timer that takes about 10 working days, but the process gets easier every year.

Video instruction for Eduuni is available here

We had a webinar where we introduced the project, benefits of participating, and also the tools.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.

The materials from the latest BencHEIT workshop in November 2015 are available here.

Coming up

The analysis will be ready in May 2016, and results presented at the EUNIS 2016 annual Congress in Thessaloniki 8-10th of June 2016. There will also be a pre-congress for the ones interested in discussing IT benchmarking and the possible common indicators with other similar projects going on 7th of June 2016. In the end of the year there will be a whole day´s workshop in Trondheim.

Useful links:  

Any questions, regarding the survey or if you want to join, contact: bm-pg@eunis.org