Experiences and best practices in and around MOOCs by Open Education Europa

eLearning Papers is a digital publication on eLearning by openeducationeuropa.eu, a portal created by the European Commission to promote the use of ICT in education and training.

This special issue of the eLearning Papers is based on the contributions made to the EMOOCS 2014 conference. Its success demonstrates that MOOCs are at the beginning of a wave and a first step towards opening up education.

What are the defining characteristics of a MOOC? Can we categorically differentiate a MOOC from other types of online courses? This is one of the central questions of the debate on the future of MOOCs. An UNED study proposes a quality model based on both course structure and certification process. Most of the debate around the future of MOOCs focuses on learners’ attitudes such as attrition or a lack of satisfaction that leads to disengagement or dropout.

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