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Title: Financial Management of research projects in custom SAP Fiori at Ghent University

The competition for research funding is often a challenge. Once granted, the challenge is even bigger, trying to keep up with the financial administration for these projects. Getting the tasks done at the right time by the right person, maintaining transparency within the research team. It is a complex, stressful process, full of room for mistakes. In order to tackle all of the pitfalls, we molded the whole financial process into a workflow, integrated into a series of Fiori apps, designed specifically depending on the role one has to perform a task. The only thing a user has to do when coming into the office, is to open up their Fiori launchpad and immediately they can see if there are any tasks awaiting to get the flow running again. Being able to follow-up on budget and actuals at any point in the lifecycle of a project, without having to dig into reports, excel files using many different transactions, is a huge improvement for all involved. Needless to say, the results in efficiency, administrative and financial transparency are mindblowing.


  • Sara Taeymans works as a SAP analyst and project lead at Ghent University,
  • Zjef Mallaerts, SAP professional
  • Rob Jonkers, Global Senior Director SAP Higher Education & Research at SAP.


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