A reminder that the webinar to find out about participating in the free Student Digital Experience Tracker is on Tuesday 21st November at 13.00 CET (12.00 UK and Portugal).

Please register now to receive the log in details. If you are interested but unable to attend the webinar please go ahead and register and you’ll get the recording.

The Student Digital Experience Tracker is run by Jisc. It is a survey and student engagement process designed to help you learn more about students’ experiences of digital learning. 140 universities and major colleges are already signed up to participate in this year’s tracker, allowing you to benchmark your findings against other universities and learn from an established community of practice. Jisc has extended the sign-up period so that universities based outside of the UK can get involved.

The Student Digital Experience Tracker allows universities to:

  • gather evidence from learners about their digital experience, and track changes over time
  • make better informed decisions about the digital environment
  • target resources for improving digital provision
  • plan other research, data gathering and student engagement around digital issues
  • demonstrate quality enhancement

Information for universities based outside the UK is here. You can find out more about previous findings here.