At the EUNIS 2013 Congress “ICT Role for Next Generation Universities” there were three awards given, by three different juries, for the most interesting papers/projects:

  1. The EUNIS 2013 Elite Award was won by Samuel Martins, Hugo Ribeiro (University of Porto) and Rui Ribeiro, Nelson Dias (FCCN) for the: “Academic Video in the Portuguese High education Network: the EDUCast@fccn project” done jointly with FCCN Portugal. pdf
  2. The Jens Dørup E-Learning Award won Lígia Ribeiro, Maria Pinto, Pedro Neto, Andrea Vieira from University of Porto for “Learning spaces and students’ entrepreneurship: the strategy for the successful implementation of an e-learning café in campus U. Porto” pdf
  3. The Best Paper was awarded to Anne Sunikka from Aalto University for her presentation “From a Customer-Focused to a Customer-Centric University IT” pdf

Among the nominations to the Best Paper Award there were also:

  • “Designing a Large Scale Cooperative Sync&Share Cloud Storage Platform for the Academic Community in Northrhine-Westfalia” by Raimund Vogl,   Holger Angenent, Rainer Bockholt, Dominik Rudolph, Stefan Stieglitz and Christian Meske
  • “Harnessing the power of Office 365 to provide a social learning environment through a new Student Portal” by Mauli Arora and Adrian Ellison pdf
  • “Transforming the students community into a social network” by Jose Luis Poy and Joan Lasierra pdf
  • “Moodle Cloud” by Maciej Panka pdf
  • “Student management with HISinOne – A status report” by Daniel Biella, Uwe Blotevogel, Sven Radermacher and Malte Ney pdf
  • “Event driven identity management systems” by Tero Hakkarainen and Lauri Viitanen pdf
  • “Opening data in Higher Education Institution – Metropolia’s story” by Jaakko Rannila, Mika Lavikainen and Tuomas Orama pdf
  • “Bootstrapping OAuth for mobile apps using QR codes” by Victoriano Giralt, Manuel Baleriola, Alfredo Muñoz, Ignacio Pérez and Joaquin Canca pdf