Public distribution lists

Eunis manages different distribution lists. An all-purpose general list opened to all public where all participants to EUNIS congresses are automatically registered at

The aim of EUNIS general interest list is to allow all interested persons, in the field of Information Systems:

  • to make any annoucement of interest to the community
  • to ask any question of common interest and to share the answers and possible discussion
  • to make any annoucement about congresses, seminars relevant to the field of common activity
  • to announce any position and available post-docs in various countries
  • to review previous messages since all are automatically archived.

Access to the general list is free to everyone interested in EUNIS activities. It may be used to disseminate any information of interest for the community. Its access is limited to persons who have previously registered, so that SPAM may be avoided. Anybody using the list is personally responsible for the contents of his/her messages, so, please, be very careful in replying to messages, because these replies will be shared by the whole community. Replies to the list may create thousands of unnecessary and irritating e-mails.

Access is restricted by means of a password. Any registered person should have received one. If you have forgotten your password, it may be sent again to the address which has been registered.

New persons may register on the general list (other lists are restricted). New subscribers will have to give their name and e-mail address. The password will be sent to this address together with an acknowledgment message. Keep this passwors since it will be necessary, later, to login in the list to review the archives or to modify your subscribtion profile. You may also change this password for something that you can better remember.

EUNIS distribution list

EUNIS provides an e-mail list for exchange of information among its participating members:

The recipients of this list are the same as the EUNIS members. Members who don´t receive this information should ask the Executive Secretary, Jean-Francois Desnos ( to add them to the list.

Characteristics of the list:

server adress:

  • server adress:
  • list adress:
  • list name: eunis
  • list distribution: restricted to subscribers
  • list registration: open
  • archives: yes, opened to subscribers
  • list errors:
Special information for EUNIS members

Members have also access to a private section on the EUNIS website for the exchange of internal information.