June 26th-29th 2007








EUNIS 2007 has been hosted by Grenoble universities. It has been organized by the universities Joseph Fourier (Grenoble) and P.M. Curie (Paris).

More than 370 participants have attended the congress.

With the sponsorship of CSIESR and the Corporate sponsor ship of Sun Microsystems, Blackboard, Monécarte, SAP and Polopoly

  • Chair : Jean-François Desnos, Grenoble Universités
  • Scientific Committee: Yves Epelboin, UPMC
To remember
  • Photos of the Congress
  • Interviews (MP4 movies)
    • Early days of EUNIS
    • Universities and Corporations
    • EUNIS and IT (mostly in French. Excerpt of the local TV)
    • EUNIS and students (mostly in French. Excerpt of the local TV)
  • Abstracts and papers
  • Videos of the conferences in the main theater