On 15th of September 2023 NUAS (Nordic Association of University Administrators) IT group arranged a meeting on the topic IT benchmarking. Here are recordings of the presentations:

  • Opening words – What NUAS-IT (Jani Leino, University of Turku)Recording 4:34Presentation: NUAS-IT.pdf
  • What is EUNIS BM process and what are the goals of it? (BM project group)
    Recording 14:00
    Presentation: EUNIS_BM-survey_NUAS-IT.pdf
  • First timer’s experiences (University of Iceland, Jóhann Áki Björnsson)
    Recording 8:51
    Presentation: BM_University_of_Iceland.pdf
  • Long term participant’s experiences on BM (Lingköping University, Joakim Nejdeby
    Recording 10:10
    Presentation: Bencheit_IT_costs_LiU.pdf
  • Findings and general indicators on BM2022 among Nordic university participants (BM project group)
    Recording 8:37
    Presentation: EUNIS_BM-survey_NUAS-IT.pdf