Bas Cordewener,  Jisc, UK

Working in the UK for Jisc, I act as Coordinator of the Knowledge Exchange, a collaboration between six European orgenistions; CNRS (France) DFG (Germany), SURF (Netherlands), DEFF (Denmark), CSC Finland and Jisc (UK).  Over the years Knowledge Exchange has grown into a highly appreciated podium for structural exchange of expertise and for building networks of experts in areas Open Access and Open Science addressing policy, practice and infrastructure in Europe. As international facilitator I support Jisc in European networks, projects, and activities.

Being engaged in international collaboration for many years, having built a vast knowledge of what is going on in education, research, infrastructure and policies, and having a productive network, I trust my experience can bring energy to the EUNIS organisation and Board. The past years I’ve worked on increased member value, support of SIGs organising activities, and enhance EUNIS performance. Priority for the coming years will include optimisation of valuable exchange of expertise and perspectives between our university members and corporate member.

Bas is marketer by trade and previously worked for the University of Groningen and SURF in the Netherlands.

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