Dr Valérie Le Strat holds a PhD in molecular chemistry and she is also project manager for both the current and the future student management application at Amue. With her team, she is in charge to ensure the proper functioning of the current Student Management System (Apogée), currently used by 80 organizations in France. She is also responsible for studying different ways to offer a new solution to Amue’s members in order to deal with the rapid changes occurring in student’s life and schooling area (Sicles project). She has previously work as a functional expert on the student management application (Apogee project), and was mainly focused on student self-service until Amue decided to offer French Higher Education institutions a new software to build, administer and distribute its course catalog (ROF project). She first helped in designing the solution matching the needs of French higher education institutions. Then, as a project manager, she has brought the aims and issues of this solution to Amue’s members and also supervised its deployment. This system is currently used by 10 organizations and is still deployed.