Mauritz Danielsson (Ladok, Sweden) has an education in computer engineering with a financial focus as well as a master’s degree in English literature and a long-standing experience of working in different positions in the higher education sector. He has worked as a university lecturer in English, as head of the study administration section at Luleå University of Technology and as head of Student Services at the same university.

Mr. Danielsson has a solid knowledge of study administration in combination with a broad network. In 2013 he received a central role in the Ladok-3 project that developed today’s Ladok. In 2015, the board of the Ladok Consortium appointed Mr. Danielsson as CEO of Ladok. As CEO, he is responsible for the management of the entire Ladok Consortium, including operations and budget.

Mauritz is part of the NordForum network, an initiative between organizations dealing with Student Information Systems in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, and as CEO of Ladok he is also involved in EMREX, which isan electronic data exchange solution, to empower individuals to control their own student data, across borders for various purposes.

Mauritz’s interest within the EUNIS community include: Leadership and Management in IT-organizations, Interoperability, IT-systems that support student mobility.