Michele Mennielli, CINECA, Italy

Elected to the EUNIS Board of Directors till June 2016.

CINECA is the Italian Interuniversity Consortium made up of morethan 60 Italian Institutions (Universities, Research Institutes such as CRN and the Ministry of Education, University and Research). It is now facing a very important process, because the other two Italian Consortia (Cilea and Caspur) will merge into CINECA in July 2013.

CINECA is the largest Italian computing centre and one of the most important worldwide. It develops advanced Information Technology applications and services, acting like a trait-d’union between the academic world, the sphere of pure research and the world of industry and Public Administration. At CINECA I am responsible for International Affairs and External Relations for anything related to Higher Education’s Information Systems. I studied Political Science and International Relations at “La Sapienza” University in Rome and, right before joining CINECA, I got a Master Degree in Marketing, Communication and New Media at “Alma Graduate School” in Bologna. On the professional side, I worked in the Media Industry for several years, three of them as a Business Affairs Manager for an International Network.