Minutes of the board of Directors
July 1st 2003 , Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Present: Kristel Sarlin, Ivan Vrana, Viljan Mahnic, Ligia Ribeiro, Jean-Francois Desnos,

Andrew Rothery, Yves Epelboin, Jens Doerup

Guests: Hans Dijkman,  Marij Veugelers

1. Registration of participants

All BoD members were present so that the BoD could adopt resolutions. Hans Dijkman and Marij Veugelers from the hosting University of Amsterdam were present too for negotiation of the point 3 of the agenda.

2. Conference in Amsterdam

a)  Marij Veugelers the Chair of the Conference Organising Committee reported about status of conference preparation:

    • number of participants is 342
    • number of participants for preconference seminars is 68
    • number of paper presentations is 90
    • number of invited speakers is 11
3. Minutes of the BoD meeting in Amsterdam, November 2002

were agreed.

4. Minutes of the General Assembly 2002

were agreed.

5. Financial report

EUNIS treasurer J.-F. Desnos presented the Treasurer’s report and informed about the financial situation in EUNIS. EUNIS holds a balance of 43793,97 €. Credits exceed expenses. It is necessary to search for activities to satisfy and convince major Corporate members. Invitation to present EUNIS in Oracle meeting, which shall hold in Roma in October 9-10. EUNIS should nominate a delegate for this event.

Four countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova and Russia) did not pay their annual fee to date. Therefore these countries are not eligible to participate at the EUNIS General Assembly.

J.-F. Desnos also outlined a proposal for the EUNIS budget for the next year. This should be negotiated and approved at the GA meeting.

6.  Modification of the Statutes

Each paragraph of the new Statutes proposal was carefully evaluated. Then the BoD approved the version to be negotiated next day by the EUNIS General Assembly. Ivan Vrana and Andrew Rothery should make a final revision, check the wording and prepare copies of this document for the GA delegates. Andrew Rothery should introduce this document at the GA meeting and describe the key objectives and principles.

7. Membership issues

Ivan Vrana the EUNIS secretary informed about application of Austria for the EUNIS membership. Austria was admitted as a EUNIS member unanimously.

Ivan Vrana informed that many countries did not report in written their national representatives to the GA. This task will be newly discussed in the perspective of new forms of membership suggested by the new EUNIS Statutes.

8. Fees for the year 2003

The membership fee for Regular members will be 150 €.

9.  Programme of the GA

The proposed programme was approved without changes.

10. Newsletter

Ivan Vrana informed about a letter where Ron Chisnall resigned for his function of the EUNIS Executive secretary. The BoD accepted Ron’s reasons and expressed thanks for all his work for EUNIS.

EUNIS Newsletter was one of Ron’s activities. The BoD accredited Andrew Rothery to temporarily care about the Newsletter.


Recorded by Ivan Vrana, Jens Doerup and Andrew Rothery. Edited for publication by Y. Epelboin